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The Society for the Study of the Short Story is pleased to announce the winners of the much delayed 2020-2022 short story  contest.

"We want to thank the contestants for their wonderful stories and their patience in waiting for the judge's decisions."

Maurice A. Lee


The short story contest winners are as follows:

1st Place:
"All She Could Think To Do"

Michael Toolan

2nd Place:
"Fish Comes Home"

SS Contest - 2022 - Photo of Azhari Jasman, September 22, 2022.jpeg

Azhari Jasman

3rd Place:
"Sketches Towards A Portrait"

SS Contest - 2022 - Photo of Amanda Curtin, September 21, 2022.jpeg

Amanda Curtin

Honorable Mention:
"Many Men Go Fishing All Their Lives"

SS Contest - 2022 - Photo of Rosanne Pagano, September 23, 2022.webp

Rosanne Pagano

Honorable Mention:
"An Indecent Proposal"

SS Contest - 2022 - Photo of Gay Lynch, September 23, 2022.webp

Gay Lynch

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