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1st Place:
"Last Train to Banff"

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Katharine Robey

Download and Read:
Last Train to Banff


Katharine loves to write for children because she believes that early reading is the pathway to success in life.

Katharine was first published in “Cricket” magazine in 1992. That story, “Fireworks!” set in Frankfort, Michigan, USA, was reprinted in Milkweed Edition’s anthology, “The Great Lakes: A Literary Field Guide.” “Fireworks!” has been read by over 300,000 young students on standardized tests.

“Fireworks!” and Katharine’s other short stories (likewise anthologized or published in literary magazines) can be found in her book, “Cardinal Coat: A Collection for Everyone.”

Katharine has published four picture books to date, with more on the way.

“Hare and the Big Green Lawn” (illustrated by Larry MacDougall; Rising Moon 2006) is about a rabbit who moves from the country to the suburbs and decides to turn his big green lawn into a meadow.

“Where’s the Party?” (illustrated by Kate Endle; Charlesbridge, 2011) is about Kate who finds a party for ducklings by listening for clues the birds give her. “Where’s the Party?” is also available as an ebook, complete with audio birdsongs.  

“The Sleeping Bear Wakes Up” (Illustrated by Julie Copiz; Mission Point Press, 2019) is a sequel to the Native American legend “The Sleeping Bear.”

“Tor & Raven Are Friends” (Co-Author Tracy Mikowski; Mission Point Press, 2022) is about an unlikely friendship between a large white dog and a raven. The story was inspired by the real friendship of the two characters.

Katharine also writes short stories and plays for adults. She is seeking the production of her latest play, “First Harvest.” Katharine is currently working on a new picture book, “Little Rabbit and the Moon;” and a screen play about John and Lucy Audubon, “Sky Dance.

Katharine teaches creative writing to children in summers in Empire, Michigan. The remainder of the year, she leads a workshop for adults in her hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. Her hobbies include birdwatching and playing the violin.

Katharine and her husband, Ron, have two grown married children and four grandchildren. Included in the Robey family is their mischievous standard poodle, Willa Cather Robey, who devours literature literally!

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