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Submission date

1 March 2023 at 3:54:44 pm

First name

Dr. Vikas

Last name



Associate Professor of English

S.M. Government Girls College, Safidon, Haryana, India





Dr. Vikas Lathar is Associate Professor of English at SM Government Girls College, Safidon, Haryana ( India). He has been teaching English under Higher Education Department, Haryana since July 2006. During his more than 15 years of teaching career, he has mainly taught rural area students in different colleges. Besides teaching he has also contributed in college administration. He has been associated with important college committees such as NAAC, IQAC, UGC. He has served Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra( Haryana) as academic council member.Currently he is a member of UG Board of Studies(English) in CRS University, Jind( Haryana). He has also significant contribution in research activities. He has presented papers in various national and international level conferences. His research papers have been published by various reputed international level journals. His main research areas are Indian Writing in English, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies. He is recipient of prestigious UGC Junior Research Fellowship( 2005) and IMRF award for English Studies( 2019).

Paper title

Aging and Existential Concerns: A Study of Anita Desai’s Select Short Stories


Aging, Concerns, Death, Existential, Old


The paper critiques the treatment of theme of aging and existential concerns in Anita Desai’s select stories- Pigeons at Daybreak and A Devoted Son. Anita Desai is a well- known Indian writer in English who has put human sensibilities and experiences on paper through her works. She is the recipient of prestigious Indian Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel Fire on the Mountain.Old age is an important stage in human life as it marks and signals the climax of life’s journey. Often it is conceptualised in numerical terms only. But in reality identity of an old person consists of social, political, economic, cultural and psychological dimensions also.This identity has experienced meaning and purpose of life. Literature being a product of human culture and imagination reflects the various facets and forms of life. After introducing Desai as a writer, the paper conceptualises aging in the light of various dimensions. The existential concerns related to old age is discussed in the context of her two selected stories.The paper explores how the story Pigeons at Daybreak presents the bond of love and companionship between old couple which is facing various existential issues in life. This emotional story underlines death as relief and liberation from the struggles and suffering of old age. The story A Devoted Son depicts the fluidity in father-son relationship in the context of changing time and perspective in life. The paper discusses the relevance of these stories in the current postmodern period where productivity, energy and utility have gained supremacy over long established social norms, values and traditions.


I am submitting my abstract for your conference. Hoping for positive response.

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