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28 February 2023 at 5:39:58 am

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VIT University, Chennai Campus





Mr. Sathish Kumar. R is a Research Scholar, at School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University, Chennai campus, India. The area of my research is Science fictions, especially Robotics and Space colonisation. i have completed my under graduate degree B.A in English Literature at Thiru Kolanjiyappar Govt. Arts & Science College, Tamilnadu and was graduated with my Post Graduations degrees M.A. & M. Phil at Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu, India. My specialisations and area of study interests lie in Theatre studies, Fanatasy literature and Science fictions. I have five years of teaching experience that comprises both school and college level teaching. I worked as Asssistant Professor at St. Joseph's Institute of Technology and PSNA College of Engineering and Technology for two academic years each.

Paper title

Science Fictions Will No Longer Be Treated Fictional: A Thematic study of Isaac Asimov’s “Robot Dreams”


Science fiction, subliminal messages, psychic patterns


With reference to Isaac Asimov’s short story “Robot Dreams” (1986), this paper aims to provide possible literary facts from within the select work claiming how science fictions are critically used to register powerful subliminal messages in humans that prepare them for a dystopian life style. By putting forth the evidences that substantiate the preceding statement, this paper tries to prove how once a science fiction will no longer be treated fictional rather a non-fictional scientific journal of an author. While doing so, it establishes the ways of treating science fictions as references to alter the psychic patterns of humans by the authors who foresee the far distant futuristic evolutions. In this paper, it is shown that the author of the story is very particular in either registering the subliminal messages by arousing fear or arousing fear through repetitive subliminal messages where it is vivid that according to the author both will help in changing the psychology of humans. The above idea is well explained with an example of how the entire story is drawn into a small conversation between two human characters in the presence of a robot where expressing, exchanging and registering the message is felt more prominent than the events with numerous characters. The key challenge of this paper lies in convincing the readers that the evidences from the select text taken into considerations are not just mere eventual circumstances within the framework of the plot but textual prototype references of scientific models that may come into existence gradually. In parallel, the challenge includes the subtle understanding of how humans are involuntarily trained with the repeated subliminal messages through Sci-fi short stories that alter the psychic patterns of humans to respond even to the things that may or may not emerge in future. Thus, the paper attempts to bring into light a belief that science fictions will no longer be treated mere fictional.


This paper is written by me, my co-scholar in collaboration with my Ph.D supervisor. So me, my co- scholar and my supervisor has submitted individually for the presentation. So please take note that it will be single presentation by me, my co-scholar and my supervisor.

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