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The International Conference on the Short Story in English was first launched in 1988 in Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, by the Society for the Study of the Short Story in English (SSSS) as a colloquium which has grown in stature and gained prominence over the years.

The 16th International Conference on the Short Story in English will take place from 20th June to 24th June 2023 at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with the theme “Diversity of Voices: A Global Storytelling History”.

The conference will focus on the craft of writing both short stories and creative non-fiction in its various forms and designs as well as its accompanying criticism and scholarship. Special panels include teaching creative writing in schools and tertiary institutions, children’s literature, young adult fiction, and translated works into English from Singapore’s other official languages of Tamil, Malay and Mandarin.

Registration Type
Until March 31, 2023
April 1 - May 1, 2023
After May 1, 2023
Participants / Delegates**
S$ 400
S$ 465
S$ 530
Students (Certified)**
S$ 200
S$ 235
S$ 265
Accompanying Guest***
S$ 200
S$ 235
S$ 265
S$ 130
S$ 130
S$ 130
Short Story Contest
S$ 35
S$ 35
S$ 35

All fees are in Singapore dollars.
All presenters (academics and writers) who are on the program must register as participants. Accompanying guests are not allowed to present at the conference.

Please note that the deadline dates for payments will be strictly upheld.

** Includes conference full program (academic and social events, except extra tourist optional tours and activities), conference attendance and conference lunch.

*** Accompanying guests who present, read, or serve on panels, pay participant’s fee. Accompanying guests who serve as chairs only, pay accompanying guest fees.

Note: It is our expectation that the conference will proceed and be held as scheduled. Should there be a need to postpone the conference for any reason, all monies will be refunded upon request. Any refund in full must be requested prior to (31 March 2023). If payment is made in (April 2023), the delegate will only be refunded 75% and 50% between (1 to 15  May 2023). 

With the exception of recognised and approved emergencies, there are no refunds for those who pay after May 15, 2023. For all refunds, an SGD $50 maintenance fee will be retained.


Please note that there will be no refund of payment made for workshops.


Prof Maurice LEE,

Dean (Retired) College of Liberal Arts

University of Central Arkansas


Dr Anitha Devi PILLAI

Senior Lecturer,

National Institute of Education,

Nanyang Technological University


Ms Ann ANG

Dr CHANG Qizhong

Dr GUO Libo

Ms Sandie LOO Hong Ling

A/P Angelia POON

Mr Jerrold QUEK Li Kang


Dr Rajenthiran SELLAN

Dr Ian TAN

Dr TEO Shi Ling

Ms Radha Bai d/o THAVARAJOO


Emeritus Professor Clark Blaise


Dr Maurice A. Lee

Director of conference

Dr Alice Clark


Dr Claire Larrière

Co-Founder of conference

Dr Allan Weiss


Dr Katie Singer


Dr Rebekah Clarkson


Ms Ann Luttrell


Dr Teresa Alves


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