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22 June 2023, Thursday

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Arts House

The Arts House
Housed in a building that was once Singapore’s first Parliament House and almost 200 years old, The Arts House is now a popular venue for arts and culture events in Singapore. It features nine unique spaces such as the Screening Room, which is ideal for private film showings and the Play Den, a venue equipped with lighting and sound systems for performances. The Chamber was where members of Singapore’s Parliament used to gather and is now a unique setting for recitals, conferences and fashion shows.

Designed by prominent architect G.D. Coleman and built in 1827, The Arts House is Singapore’s oldest colonial building. It served many uses and was the Parliament of Singapore until the new Parliament Complex was built. In 1992, it was gazetted a national monument and is today home to The Arts House.


Registration to attend the events is required to ensure a smooth and organized experience for all participants. Interested individuals who wish to participate in these panels can register at

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