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Plenary 1
The Importance of “flash fiction”

22 June 2023, Thursday

9.00 am to 10.30 am

Plenary 1

The Importance of “flash fiction”

Noted writers and scholars discuss the rise and importance of "flash  fiction" in its various forms and the impact it has on the process of storytelling as well as the influence on the short story art form. Is it an art form or a gimmick? How serious should scholars be in addressing this new and emerging "art form"? What does it fulfill; where does it fall short? Similar questions were once asked about "rap" as an art form, and now see the results. 

The conference looks forward to a spirited and engaging discussion on this topic.


Dr Shady Cosgrove, Australia


Dr. Julia Prendergast, Australia

Dr. Billie Travalini, United States

Dr. Gay Lynch, Australia

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