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The truth is stranger than fiction. How to tell compelling non-fiction short stories using everyday events and realities


Anjana Menon

In this workshop, the writer will take participants through the technique of writing non-fiction short stories – these can be exploratory stories about people, society, everyday occurrences that hold stories that we often ignore. Journalists often use a similar technique to build their long-form stories, which essentially are stories that run into 2,000 words or more. What are the ways to draw a reader in and keep them there and how do you use some of the skills that a fiction writer would, to build an enjoyable narrative in short non-fiction stories.

Who should attend:
This workshop would be useful to a range of participants – those who feel they lack the imagination to write fiction, but want to write interesting stories and get published, and to those in media and in media courses who want to improve their writing by borrowing the techniques of non-fiction writers.

Workshop Venue: NIE Block 5 Level 1 TR507



Anjana Menon has authored two books, one on storytelling and the other a narrative non-fiction. What's Your Story? The Essential Business Storytelling Handbook, which she co-authored, was published by Penguin Random House and hit the No.1 spot in business books on Amazon in its first week. Her second book, Onam in a Nightie: Stories from a Kerala Quarantine, was the bestseller on The New Indian Express books list, a must read on’s list, a category topper on, and No.2 on WH Smith shelves in India.

A former international business journalist, she has lived and worked in Singapore, London and Delhi is one of the founder editors of Mint, India’s second largest business paper and a former prime-time anchor. She has worked with Bloomberg News in multiple markets. Anjana divides her time between Delhi and London and runs Content Pixies, which works with leadership and policy makers on all things content.

She also writes opinion for the editorial pages of The Economic Times and her columns can also be found on Business Standard, CNN, Moneycontrol and several other international publications.

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