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How to maximize your chances of publishing a short story collection


Michael Mirolla

Personal experiences by someone who combines publishing, editing and writing. From putting together the best collection possible to creating can't-miss tag lines, synopses, audience targeting and marketing plans. Historical examples followed by one-on-one tutoring of workshop attendee presentations. This workshop will provide 1. Hands-on information and one-to-one dialogue for short story writers at all levels of their development. The approach will depend on the make-up of the attendees. 2. Specific information on what makes a good short story collection. 3. Information on publishers who are favorable towards publishing short story collections and the types of collections they favor. 4. Information on how to create/fine tune successful tag lines, synopses, audience targeting and marketing plans -- with examples followed by one-on-one with attendees. Mirolla will help writers develop the ability to explain during the workshop the level they're at (how close they feel they are to having a collection ready), and the types of short stories they write. He will assist writers the skill of bringing in tag lines, synopses, audience targeting and marketing plans so that they can be discussed and dissected in the workshop.



Michael Mirolla’s publications include three Bressani Prize winners: the novel Berlin (2010); the poetry collection The House on14th Avenue (2014); and the short story collection, Lessons in Relationship Dyads (2016). He is also the author of a novella, three other novels, two other short story collections and a second poetry collection. A novella, The Last News Vendor, is scheduled from Quattro Books in the fall of 2019. The short story, “A Theory of Discontinuous Existence,” was selected for The Journey Prize Anthology; and “The Sand Flea” was a Pushcart Prize nominee. This fall, Nov. 1 through January 31 2020, Michael will serve as the writer-in-residence at the Historic Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver where he hopes to finish a novel started in 1993. Born in Italy, raised in Montreal, Michael lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

For more, visit his website:

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