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Domas Chien-Lee Yung-Song

Domas (Chinese Name Chien-Lee Yung-Song) was born in 1972, in an indigenous Atayal community Kbuta, Taoyuan County. He holds a master degree of Chinese Literature from the National Taiwan Normal University. Currently Domas is a full-time writer and researcher of Taiwan’s indigenous literature, he is also attending the doctoral program of the National Tsing Hua University. Domas’ literary works are seen in a variety of publications, including the journals of Mountains & Seas Publishing House, National Museum of Taiwan’s Literature, Taiwan Letters, INK Publishing House, Chiuko Books, and Sofukan Publishing House(Japan). Domas is also the grant recipient from the National Culture and Arts Foundation(three times), Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs, and Taipei City Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Beside his writing, Domas is an educator and a permaculture farmer. Literary awards Domas has won include the First Prize in Long Fiction, Chung Chao-Cheng Literature Awards(2019), Third Prize in Reportage, Chung Chao-Cheng Literature Awards(2016), Finalist, Taiwan Literature Awards(2013), First Prize in Poem, Taiwan Indigenous Literature Awards(2010), Third Prize in Essay, Lin Jong-San Literature Awards(2008), First Prize in Short Fiction, Teachers Literature Awards from Ministry of Education(2006), First Prize in Long Fiction, Wu Chuo-Liu Literature Awards(2005), among many others.

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