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Rahul Singh

A banker by the day and writer by the night, Rahul is an expert at connecting the three Is - idea, insight, and individual who sums up his life as ABC - author, banker, and community builder. Having an illustrious career in banking, he is the Assistant Director of Global Marketing & Strategy at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Principal of Corporate Advisory Group at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur, and Academic Council Member of Jaipuria Institute of Management.

He has authored several books on purpose including “You know the glory, not the story”, “Engineering to Ikigai”, and “An atheist gets the Gita”. His book on Corporate purpose “ESG: Putting purpose back in Finance” is scheduled for release in 2023. An inspiring personality and a thought leader, Rahul regularly speaks on topics that concern millennials such as careers in 21st century, conscious capitalism, and cross-cultural understanding. His books cover purpose from varied lens – ranging for micro memoirs of purposeful journeys to collective Ikigai and Organizational Purpose. His books have a touch of realism and connect to audience at a personal level motivating them to find their purpose in work, in relationship, and in self discovery.

Besides writing, Rahul advises companies & start-ups on their ESG journey towards Sustainable Development Goals and has pushed for inclusion of Conscious Capitalism & ESG in university curriculums. He is the founding President of Indian Scholars' Association Singapore which represents Indian alumni of Singaporean Institutes of Higher Learning including NTU, NUS, SMU, and SUTD. He is also the youngest ever President of IIM Bangalore Alumni Association Singapore.

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