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Shan Ling

Shan Ling, currently residing in Austin, Texas has published numerous short stories and essays in the renowned magazines in China for the past decade. For the year of 2019, she has about one short story published each month in the prestigious magazines in China. 

She also translates. Two books in translation have been published in the past two years: The Yellow Storm, by Lao She, published in January 2019, The Sad Ballard of Café, 2018. Two more are coming: Of Human Bondage and The Financier to be published in January 2020. Shan got her degrees in English and American Literature at universities in China. She also holds a MA degree in Education from the University of South Carolina. She has published two books in Chinese:  Golden Autumn, a novel, 2015 and A Decade of Retrospective, an essay collection, 2014.

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