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Yingchao Xiao

Yingchao Xiao was born by the Red River which runs through the beautiful Qinling mountains in northern-western China.  She was raised by a nanny who did not know how to read but instead passed on the art of oral story-telling to Yingchao.  By the time she was in her early teens, Yingchao began writing down her stories.  She continued writing both prose and poetry while she labored on a communal farm during the Cultural Revolution, and then later while working as an electrician, an English-Chinese translator and, most recently as a lawyer practicing international trade law in Los Angeles.  Though the law is her profession, writing remains her passion.  Retiring from the law soon, Yingchao intends to devote her time to this lifelong passion, including publishing a collection of short stories in the near future.

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